Grandmaster J.W. Kim

Grandmaster Instructor, Mentor

Taekwondo Hall of Fame 

8th Dan Black Belt - Kukkiwon 

Grandmaster J.W. Kim is the founder of J.W. Kim Taekwondo Centers, one of the most successful Taekwondo programs in Colorado, which has served thousands of students over the years and is currently serving hundreds of active students.

Grandmaster Kim immigrated to the United states at age 18 after being accepted at New York University. In three years he learned English and graduated with honors. He is now fluent in five different languages.

After earning a degree in economics at New York University, Grandmaster Kim opened his first Taekwondo school in Greenwood Village in 1995 at age 22 (already a master instructor). In fact, teaching Taekwondo is the only job he has ever had in his life. By age 36, Grand Master Kim had established seven satellite locations, taught over 10,000 students, and certified over 500 black belts internationally.

Grandmaster Kim has received special recognition from the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) for having among the highest numbers of internationally registered black belt students and in 2019 he was inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame for his philanthropic efforts through the Black Belt Foundation.

Grandmaster Kim is one of the few instructors in the world who is proficient in both styles of Taekwondo, both WT and ITF. He has made it his mission to spread Taekwondo around the world.

Grandmaster Kim now supports Master Cam in his endeavors to provide the highest quality martial arts instruction in the Parker area.

Grandmaster Kim’s accomplishments include:

‣ 8th Dan Black Belt - Kukkiwon Certified

‣ Taekwondo Hall of Fame Inductee (2019)

‣ Over 40 years of Taekwondo experience

‣ President of the Black Belt Foundation - a non-profit charity: 2008-present

‣ Vice President – Colorado State Taekwondo Association: 1999-2002

‣ Master J.W.Kim Day - September 9, declared by the City and County of Denver

‣ Presidential Award - Bill Clinton 1996

‣ Special Award - Kukkiwon - Worldwide Taekwondo Promotion

‣ Special Award - Kukkiwon - High number of registered Black Belt students

‣ Appointed as a special advisor to the Kukkiwon


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