Black Belt Testing Information

This page will have all the information you need to prepare for Black Belt Testing including: 



I wanted to congratulate each of you for making it to this point in your Taekwondo journey!

You are eligible for Black Belt Testing during the upcoming testing cycle. We host two tests every year and please know this is a MAJOR TIME COMMITMENT once the testing cycle begins! There is never a rush for testing, it is always better to wait if you are unsure if you are ready to make the commitment at this time.

I have faith in each of your abilities to achieve this goal so long as you put 100% Effort into your practice and preparation. I am here to support you in your training so please don't hesitate to ask for help. 

Best of luck!
Master Cam

December 2023 Testing Cycle Important Dates

September 7, 2023

Training Cycle Begins

November 18, 2023

MANDATORY Pre-Test - 2pm

November 30, 2023

Written Test

December 14, 2023

Essay, Community Service Project, & Payment Due in Full

December 16, 2023


Training Regimen/Class Requirements

There is a MANDATORY class only open for Black Belt Candidates planning to test in the current testing cycle.

This class is on Thursdays from 8:00-8:30pm.
Students are encouraged to attend the Black Belt Sparring class prior to the Mandatory Candidate class.

This MANDATORY class will begin on Thursday, September 7.
If a student must miss a mandatory class, they may schedule a private lesson with Master Cam to cover the missed material. 

Starting in September, students should be attending:
- A minimum of TWO Black Belt Specific classes per week
- A minimum of ONE Sparring Class per week (Tuesday or Thursday)
- A minimum of ONE additional class of choice per week 

This is a minimum of FOUR classes per week to prepare for testing. (This does not mean 4 days per week, students may attend multiple classes per day to reach 4 classes per week.) It is strongly encouraged to attend as many classes as possible and to attend multiple classes per day to immerse yourself in the curriculum.

(All Black Belt Candidates are welcome to participate in Advanced Kids class, Forms class, and Teen/Adult class.)

Home Training Regimen to Complete 5 days per week!

Assistant Teaching

Teaching is a great way to promote a thorough understanding of the curriculum as well as improve leadership skills. 

All Black Belt candidates age 15+ participating in this testing cycle must assist with teaching a minimum of 1 class per week.

Please email Master Cam ASAP to schedule your teaching day if you are not already doing so.

For students under the age of 15, teaching is optional. These students must attend a minimum of 3 Instructor Training classes and be signed off by Master Cam prior to helping in classes.

Instructor training is once per month, the Friday before color belt testing from 6:30-7PM, open to all candidates.

ALL 2nd Degree Candidates are required to assist with a minimum of 2 classes per week.

ALL 3rd Degree Candidates are required to assist with a minimum of 3 classes per week.

Written Test

The written test is administered 2-3 weeks before the final Black Belt Testing after Pre-Testing. Candidates can find all relevant information in the student manual and should take advantage of the manual as a study guide.

Major Topics and Format:
1. Long Answer - Discuss 3 benefits of studying Taekwondo. - 6 points
2. Tenets and Meanings- 2 Questions fill in the blank- 2 points
3. Taekwondo Oath- 2 Questions fill in the blank- 2 points
4. Forms and Meanings- I will say the name of the Korean Form and you will say the meaning- 3 Questions Multiple Choice- 3 points
5. Belts and Meanings- 3 Questions Multiple Choice- 3 points
6. Kicks in Korean- I will have the Korean word and you will say the name of the kick in English- 3 questions Multiple Choice - 3 points
7. One Surprise Question- 1 point

A 70% score or higher is required to pass (14/20). 2 attempts can be made. 

Additional Info for 2nd Degree

1. What is the meaning of the Black Belt?
2. Meanings of the 6 ITF forms (Chonji through Joon Gun)
3. Meaning of Koryo

Additional Info for 3rd Degree

1. Meanings of the additional forms


Please put your best effort into your writing. We want to learn more about you as a person through these essays. 

1st Degree

The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you and what did you learn from the experience? 

(2-pages, double-spaced, standard font/size/margins)

2nd Degree

Discuss something you are passionate about changing within your community to create a more positive and peaceful future. What are the steps YOU can take to influence this change. 

(3-pages, double-spaced, standard font/size/margins)

3rd Degree

What is the greatest challenge you are currently facing? Why is it hard for you and what specific actions are you taking (or planning to take) to overcome this challenge?

(3-pages, double-spaced, standard font/size/margins)

Community Service Project

Develop and Execute a Community Service Project. Write a one-page description of what you did and what you learned from the experience.

4 hours per month of community service/outreach for 2-months MINIMUM!

This is not helping with chores around the house. TKD teaching hours are also not eligible. This is something above and beyond that demonstrates your efforts to contribute to your community, or a nonprofit that is meaningful to you.

KC is happy to feature your service project or fundraiser in our newsletter to boost the reach of your project. Please email Ms. Stephanie if you would like your project to be shared in a newsletter.


1. Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) Black Belt Certification
2. KCTKD Black Belt Certification
3. Additional Belt Test Preparation & Classes
4. Administration of Pre-Test
5. Administration of Written Exam
6. Bringing in Grandmaster Kim to judge final Black Belt test
7. Administration of final Black Belt testing
8. Custom Embroidered Black Belt (If you or your child already has a Black Belt on the Future Leaders wall- $50 will be subtracted from the total). If you would like to order a students black belt please let me know and we will get it ordered and up on our Future Leaders wall for $50 to be subtracted from final payment.

1st Degree

$495 Total

2nd Degree

$550 Total

3rd Degree

$625 Total


In order to register your Black Belt with Kukkiwon, this step is REQUIRED.
You will not receive a Kukkiwon Certificate without completing your TCON profile AND emailing Ms. Stephanie with the required information!

2nd/3rd degree candidates do not need to recreate a profile if they have in the past, but still need to email Ms. Stephanie with your User ID and DOB!

Watch the Video Below and Follow the Directions!

Register for TCON

Once Profile is created, email [email protected] with the following information!

- USER ID (case sensitive)
- Date of Birth
(This information must be exactly as it was entered in TCON!)

Email Ms. Stephanie


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